History and tradition of the “strain of St. Anthony”


Some call it ” focarazzo .” Who simply bonfires. For many it is the ” Strain of St, Anthony” , one of the oldest traditions of Campania, used , in the past, to “burn ” the Christmas trees at the end of the holidays. In fact it is a centuries-old celebration .
Legacy of the past . The result of the inheritance of the ancient Romans and then used , with the advent of Christianity , to celebrate the life of Saint Anthony , the patron saint of domestic animals.
According to tradition,  on the night of 17 January , the main squares and meeting places of the small towns of the hinterland populace of people huddled around fires and large bonfires . It is a liturgy born millennia ago to symbolically mark the beginning of a new period of the year . With the passing of years, this popular cult has never lost , so it’s been gradually enriched by acquiring more and more new details. Such as “the focarazzo “ Christmas trees .


It has entered by force in holidays programs drawn up by the municipalities of Terra Felix .These include the event sponsored by the City of Parete , in the province of Caserta, Friday, January 17 in the green of the municipal gardens , will be held on
“Bonfires of Saint Anthony “.
In the course of the evening for visitors are many delicious tasting program , based on polenta and chestnuts cooked at the time . All accompanied by the captivating rhythm of popular music.
To take part in the festivities in honor of the most famous of the Abbots will also be the inhabitants of Trentola Ducenta , another center of Caserta , with a varied program .
On Friday 17 , in the Alifana street  throughout the evening you will go on with singing and dancing by the folklore group ” Via del Popolo ” , but there also surprises  for foodies who can taste good food genuine prepared on the spot , washed down with gallons of good wine.
An opportunity not to be missed for anyone who feels a strong bond with the land and the origins . Values ​​, these also felt by the Pro Loco of the country of Recale (we are still in Caserta ), which organized the event, a ” two days ” of non-stop festivities .
It starts January 17 , with the mess in the church of Santa Maria Assunta, then followed by the typical walzer of fireworks to welcome the dawn of the day of celebration.

It continues on Sunday 19th , with the traditional blessing of the animals , the sale by auction of goods in kind and the spectacle of the ” Via Marcianise ” which will offer the public the ancient and rare songs linked to the territory .
To conclude: the grand finale with the colors and lights of fireworks prepared by the firemen of Macerata Campania , which rischiareranno the horizon accompanied by the rhythm of enthralling ” tammorra “ playing in the square.

“Strain of St. Anthony”

Friday, January 17, 2014
Parete (Caserta), Villa Comunale, from 19:00 p.m.
Trentola Ducenta (Caserta), Zona Fiera Via Ex Alifana

Friday, January 17 and Sunday 19, 2014
Recale (Caserta), the Church of Santa Maria Assunta