A Capaccio the Festival of Artichoke

carciofo di paestum

The cultural association the Temple of Hera will organize this year the new edition of the Festival of the Artichoke, now in its seventh year. Mythical product of the archaeological area south of Vesuvius, the “Artichoke of Paestum” IGP, also known as “Tondo di Paestum”, named after the local ecotype hence, belongs to the group of those genetic type “Romanesco”. The appearance of its rounded flower heads, their high compactness, the absence of spines in the bracts are his main qualities and characteristics, which have also devoted his reputation among consumers and all the bells and over Garigliano.

Even the early ripening is considered a positive element conferred by the environment of cultivation, the Piana del Sele, which allows it to be available for us lovers of its flavor, before any other artichoke in the same family, but let’s see what s’offrirà the palate of the guests of the festival agribusiness. The stands are installed in the area of ​​the festival will offer dishes prepared where obviously the round green will be the protagonist, accompanied by other local products. Let’s see what the menu will offer.

• Artichokes and golden fried

• Pizza fried with cream of artichoke

• Pizza fried with tomato

• Pasta with smoked ham and artichokes

• Bruschetta with cream of artichoke and smoked ham

• Roasted Artichokes

• Caciocavallo hanged with smell of artichoke

• Zeppole fries

• Pizza with Artichokes

• Pizza Magherita

There will be something for everyone then. Via the form on the event website (click here to view) you can send the request to book tables and of the time when reserving it.

Subsequently then you will receive a reply with details of how to pay. Once booked, the table will be kept free for up to 20 minutes of the time on the reservation.

Each evening will be enlivened by musical with songs and dances.