Cappella Sansevero among the thousands of European companies more growth. It certifies the Financial Times

The Neapolitan company is the only one in the Financial Times ranking that deals with museum management. In four years it has increased its sales 85.4% due to the exponential increase in visitors, up from 200,000 in 2012 to 460,000 in 2016. The secret? The strategy applied by the Masucci family and associates, made to enhance and promote the exceptional display wonders, services and interventions on the territory on

Interno della Cappella Sansevero di Napoli_Ph. Marco Ghidell

The Sansevero Chapel Museum of Naples is one of the many European companies growing more. In the first ranking by the Financial Times, the FT 1000 – Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies and published on the site it appears also the beautiful chapel of the Prince of Sansevero in Naples Historical Center.
After research conducted for four months on millions of European companies from all sectors, the Financial Times, along with the Institute of Statesman market research has identified 1,000 companies with the highest revenue growth rate in the years 2012-2015. The company that runs the chapel, the Sansevero Chapel Museum Srl is in position 881, the only company whose core business is the museum management.
Robert Grange, Global Business Development Director Financial Times, and Hubertus Bitting, Chief Research Officer Statesman, in an official letter in which they communicated the prestigious award, commented: “It can be really proud to be part of the FT1000. We have, in fact, spent months finding these excellences among millions of companies in Europe. In the end only a thousand are part of the list, among them the Museum Sansevero Chapel “.
From 2012 to 2015, in fact, revenues from the company that manages the Sansevero Chapel grew by a total of 85.4%, mainly due to higher paying visitors, which went from 200 thousand in 2012 to 366mila of 2015.
Of the one thousand in the ranking, companies operating in the Travel & Leisure, which includes Sansevero Chapel Museum, are only 31, of which only 7 Italian and 3 of which South Italy. Throughout the tricolor companies appearing in the prestigious list are 186. And under the category Travel & Leisure, where prevail tour operators, resorts and real estate companies, the company Museo Cappella Sansevero Srl is the only one that deals with museum management.
“We are proud of this prestigious award – says the president Fabrizio Masucci – aware that the work done over the years has produced excellent results not only in terms of growth, but also and especially for the great cultural and social opportunities the Sansevero Chapel Museum is offering the city of Naples, the Neapolitans and the many tourists who come there every day. Being present in this special report is an invitation for us to continue improving services for our visitors and redevelopment. In addition, the inclusion of a museum institution in a similar ranking goes to show that with the culture you can do business, you can create jobs and wealth for the whole territory, contrary to what one is accustomed to thinking. ”
The growth from 2012 to 2015, the period examined by the research, is the daughter of a long process of protection and development, it started in 1990 with the major renovation of the monumental complex built by co-owners (who later founded the Sansevero Chapel Museum Srl in 1996), continued with the new lighting system (2009) and the many initiatives which have driven the tercentenary of the birth of the Prince of Sansevero (2010).
In this period was born, among others, the exhibition marvel, was inaugurated the new website, social profiles of the Museum and has invested in promoting the image and communication were activated. There have been initiatives for social work, such as tactile tour of the Veiled Christ for the blind, and has been reconstituted the Committee for the restoration of the Corps of Naples Statue.
The path continued in 2016 with the cleaning and restoration of works of art operations, the development of a new LED lighting system, the organization of exhibitions and events in collaboration with other institutions and cultural realities, and – above – by adopting, retraining and the pedestrian area in front of the Sansevero Chapel, the result obtained at the end of a long bureaucratic process started in the 90s and accomplished lawyer Carmine Masucci, director of the monumental complex. At the end of this process, in 2016, the Sansevero Chapel Museum of Naples has recorded over 460mila paying visitors, nearly one hundred thousand more than the previous year.
In February 2017, finally, it is an online ticketing platform was activated, allowing you to buy your tickets in advance and quick access from the row reserved for booked.

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