Capua lights with location Language Festival

A Palazzo Lanza la X edizione del Capua Luogo Lingua Festival

A festival full of charm, with a packed program of events, including literature, cinema, theater, music, architecture, art and cuisine: will begin tomorrow, and until June 28, in the city of Capua (Caserta). Founded in 2005 and sponsored by Architempo, the exhibition to be held in the historic Palazzo Lanza and is entitled “Capua the location Language Festival“, will host, among others, the director of “Gomorra”, Matteo Garrone, writers like Antonio PascaleGiuseppe Montesano and Rosaria Capacchione, musicians like M’Barka Ben Taleb. All events will be free. Objective of the event: to promote the city of Capua, the ancient and fascinating cities of Placito Capuano (or “card Capua”), the deed unanimously recognized by historians as the first document of the vulgar Italian (and that, in fact, in 960 AD marked the birth of our language), as the cultural capital of the province of Caserta.