Billboard summer Racecourse Agnano for adults and children

ippodromo agnano eventi

It begins immediately with the festival of fried brace and the free tastings until exhaustion. One Saturday suffered so full of flavor. But the delight will not be soloper the palate. Let’s see what else provides the program. live music, animation and entertainment with Gigio Rosa, DJ Gigi Syrians and Francesco Mastandrea that will broadcast live from the stage set up in Radio Mars Racecourse. Special guests are Claudia megre with the single You Can not, Tony Cercola with cd Patatrac, Marco Fasano with the CD La Casa Marcello Viola and Julian already seen on television in Italy’s Got Talent. And for the little ones? Here is the appointment for them: the new CalcioCube. It is nothing but the miniature reproduction of a playground dedicated to children and teenagers from 2 to 14 years.

Here, coordinated by talented entertainers / instructors young football fans, will have to pass some tests to earn prizes. What evidence? Things like a blindfolded rigor, one slalom ball and chain, bowling football, as well as the dribble foot and head, and finally the shooting. And being in a racecourse for small they could not miss, as well as a children’s area with playground, the free pony rides on a ride in the saddle and access racecourse with bikes, skates and ball for outdoor play free and safe .

So many corner street food available for food lovers where they can find all kinds of specialties from those sweet bell in salt water, in addition to the picnic area, the pizzeria with a wood oven pizza in Horses “Mario” (pizza and drink 5 euro), the snack bar “He ran from Mimi” at the grandstand with baby menu (3 €) and restaurant services (where, however, you must make a reservation call at 338 151 70 50).

For the curious all the info on events scheduled in July and August at the Hippodrome, you can find them by clicking the link or at their FB page /? fref = ts