Celanapoli and Melody at the bottom of the Well

Ipogeo di Babuk

Unusual and fascinating path by Carlo Leggieri, founder of Celanapoli, the discovery of unusual angles and cavity secret of the ancient Partenope. A “grand tour” that winds deep into the bowels of the city of San Gennaro. Destination of the trip, scheduled on Saturday 26th July, a complex of caves and a charming garden by the name of the eastern “Babuk”, borrowed from the name of the cat Professor Gennaro Oliviero professor at the Federico II University and president of the Friends Marcel Proust. It was he, in fact, a few years ago to buy the garden located at the foot of a building erected in the late sixteenth century by the family Caracciolo del Sole, a few steps from the chapel of San Giovanni a Carbonara. We are in Via Giuseppe Piazzi, a stone’s throw away from Foria. Therefore, in the heart of old Naples.

Thanks to his care, that little oasis turned into a true literary gem: an enchanted corner adorned with flowers and fountains. The garden of Babuk, in fact. And it was through this lush green area that you can access a deep and complex of ancient quarries from which at one time was extracted tuff necessary for the construction of palaces in Naples. And ‘This is the so-called Hypogeum Babuk: a cave system that is developed under the foundations of the building in Via Piazzi adorned with a rich garden of Professor Oliviero.

History teaches that the Hypogeum of Babuk as well as most of the other cavities of the subsoil of Naples, after completion of its mining operation, was converted into a tank of water (with a capacity of about 700,000 liters) and maintained until the task to 1884, when it returned to being nothing more than a hidden cavern, used in World War II as a bomb shelter. The tour underground Hypogeum of Via Piazzi offers surprises for lovers of the occult because there, on the walls of the vault, interesting tracks from the mysterious flavor, in a series of signs such as crosses, shields and newts probably esoteric significance. To make it even more enticing visit to the depth, we think the music of the violin by Antonio Ruocco that will lead guests in a “dream underground” to discover a magical dimension: that of the Naples underground, authentic witness of the alternation of history.


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