Christmas market, including gifts, music and flavors

christmas market

But who said that to dive fully into the Christmas spirit must necessarily go so far in Trentino, if not overstep the boundaries to reach Monaco and Munich? A Pontecagnano Faiano, in the province of Salerno, in fact, in five years it serves a fabulous “Christmas Market”, which has nothing to envy to the most vaunted markets of Europe. A large carillon, hosted by the gardens of the square Sabbato, studded with tradition, music, lights and flavors, which until January 6, will involve thousands of free persons, including children and adults, with special guest, performances, workshops and entertainment. The flagship event, which boasts the artistic direction of the sympathetic radio speaker Pippo Pelo, a bustling market in the name of many delicious wooden houses, where you can find original decorations to decorate the whole house or just the tree cadeau and authentic to donate to their loved ones, as the balls in glass personalized with names or phrases. Ample space to gastronomy, with ad hoc stand offering local delicacies to be enjoyed on typical wooden tables. Among the goodies, even the “tasty” shows the actor Francesco Paolantoni with works of art made with bread cubes.