Triumph of art and nature for the week of the basilicas in flower of Cimitile


With the arrival of summer, nature and culture are put on display and give way to the party. And ‘ what is happening inside the evocative early Christian Cimitile north of Nola, theater, until the 24th of May, a series of events of a cultural nature, which fall within the event “Basilicas in bloom” promoted by the Curia of St. Felice of Nola and the Association Cimitile.

The event has now become a traditional event of the “May Cimitilese” and this year ‘s calendar of events is particularly dense, with events dedicated to art in all its forms: from the natural beauty, with floral trails set up by nurserymen Campania in the basilica complex, the history of art itself, the undisputed protagonist of the location and the various free guided tours that will alternate the rediscovery of early Christian testimonies of which is dotted the area, throughout the span of a week.


It should be remembered, in fact, the very place where now stands the town of Cimitile, in Roman times was occupied by a necropolis (the term itself seems to derive from the Latin Cimitile Coemeterium, graveyard). And that in ancient times this was the place where Nola buried not only their deaths , but their first bishop and other martyrs including a highly revered saint: San Felice. On his tomb was built one of the first Christian memories with the erection of a mausoleum in honor of square shapes.

But now we explore in detail the initiatives planned in the early Christian Cimitile in the week ending May 24. From May 19 to 21, in the central area of the basilicas will be held educational workshops and restoration of bronze casting, an activity directed to schoolchildren bells, in collaboration with the “Foundry Judge” Nola. Still, May 22 there will be the screening of the best Italian short films , followed by delivery of the prize “Corto Cultural Classic” , the award for the excellence of the performance, in collaboration with the cultural association of the same name.
It continues May 23 with the paths of sensory architecture, the Basilica of St. Thomas and finally, on May 24 , with the grand finale of the Cultural Festival Award 2014 Naples Classic.
So you just have to dive into the rich body and soul week of art and nature and rejuvenate with a lot of healthy and beauty … Free!

“Basilicas in bloom”
18-24 May 2014

Monumental Complex of the early Christian basilicas and medieval Cimitile
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