Gay Odin, in Milan nougat for the feast of the dead


The flavors , healthy and wholesome ones , know no boundaries. Even more so if it comes to chocolate. And that chocolate ! Do you want to put pearls designer Gay Odin ? Masterpieces of the palate: goodness packed by hand. With meticulous care, the daughter of the richest confectionery tradition in Naples. A brand that is synonym quality and warranty. Landed at the foot of Mount Vesuvius from the distant Piemonte at the end of the nineteenth century. Grew and became great right in the town of Virgil and St. Gennaro. A mix of good taste. Which uses only naturally roasted cocoa, without any mechanical fireworks.[charme-gallery]

And in the name of healthier traditions enrolls the event organized by the famous Neapolitan chocolate in the elegant showroom in Milan. It’s well-known, in fact, as between the end of October and beginning of November, to coincide with the anniversary of the deceased (November 2) ,Naples and Campania is custom to give to friends and relatives so-called “nougat of the dead”: a thin shell of chocolate with a soft filling with hazelnuts, almonds and coffee. Well Thursday, October 24 , at the point of sale S. Giovanni sul Muro street, Gay Odin will also enjoy the gourmet delicacy of Milan this authentic pride and pride of the Campania. The event is scheduled from 18 to 20.30.