Science City in celebration, reopens!!

festa città della scienza

“The Great Feast of reconstruction” this is the name given to the event by the Idis Foundation, organizer of the full day license plate Science City. The first start since the morning with Open House Museum, the exhibition “The Sea” and the workshop of the Little Labs. What is it? Animations and scientific demonstrations or meetings and tours dedicated to the students and all the friends of the complex Coroglio. Following a bit ‘of notes with Music School Festival. Many musical groups formed by students from Campania, which will create a Lip Dub for the reconstruction of the City of Science.

After the morning, just after the rest, there will be an afternoon appointment from the name a bit long: “Face to face with research ideas, patents, innovations, scientists and researchers to City of Science”. In this space, many scientific structures that involved with demonstrations, experiments and presentations; will aim to raise awareness of the activities of some of excellence in the field of scientific and cultural life made in Campania. Do not miss a space dedicated to Pixell.

In fact, in Hall Marie Curie, there will be a photo exhibition “Focus”, which thanks to the shots of photographers such as Antonio Biasiucci, Fabio Donato, Mimmo Jodice and Raffaela Mariniello will offer guests a look at the City of Science two years after ‘ fire that devastated the Science Centre.

The day will continue with another rendezvous, this time at the Teatro Galiei 104, “Rethinking the city: from the gaps in the knowledge economy”, and will end in the evening with a concert by the International Brigade and Daniele Sepe.

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