Cocteau vs Ibsen. At Nea, the new challenge of “Theatre match”

teatro match

You write “Theatre match” reads unusual clash made in Naples, including major players in the international theater. Ring of exception, the Space Nea via Costantonopoli 53 in Naples, Monday, February 23, starting at 19.30, will confront this time Jean Cocteau and Herik Ibsen.

Continues as the eye-catching appointment / theatrical play, edited by Gianmarco Cesario, between two teams of actors and experts who will face trying to get as many votes as possible from the public. Personalities from the world of Neapolitan culture and become a national “defense lawyers” of a particular author and the actors will recite excerpts to support harangues. For the occasion, Patrizia Di Martino, Agostino Chiummariello, Orazio Cerino and Irene Grasso will read a few pages from “Les Parents terrible” of Cocteau. Cristina Donadio, Antimo Casertano and Fulvio Pastore read, however, some pages from “Ghosts” by Ibsen. Defend Jean Cocteau, the publishing Chiara Reale. Defending Herik Ibsen scholar and professor Mariarosaria Mazzone.