Comicon bring Milo Manara in Salerno

manara a salerno

For lovers of comics auteur, 2015 opens literally “in style”. From February 3 to March 1, in fact, Fruscione Palace, in the center of Salerno, will host the works of the master Milo Manara, the Italian cartoonist most famous and important in the world: the living author with more international appeal. A unique event, which sees Salerno initial stage of a long tribute that Comicon tends to grant the artist veronese, which will culminate with a prestigious event in Naples in the spring. The master of eroticism drawn, creator of many comics and female figures of reference will accomplish , not surprisingly, 70 in 2015 and Comicon, always close to the author of “The Game”, wants to honor the anniversary by focusing on the Salerno first event of 2015: an exhibition of original distributed over three floors. Comics, illustrations, covers, sketch, all the universe of Milo National, with a single large denominator: women, “Mulieres”, in fact, foreshadowing a dialogue with the city’s history and other juicy news. Of course, for the occasion, Manara will be in the beautiful city of the Gulf for the inauguration of the assembly and for other meetings with the public and the citizens.