“By the Light in the Darkness – The fashion at Colosimo”

abito da sposa luisa chirico

Neapolitan, people of poets, saints and … makers of dreams. Just as the proponents of “The Light in the Darkness – The Fashion at Colosimo”, the singular event that will take shape Saturday, December 13, from 18, in the Institute for the Blind Via Santa Teresa Scalzi 36 in Naples. A rendez vous, conceived and directed by the director and choreographer Rosario Campese and presented by Max Giannini, who will, in the shoes of wearers very special, the guys who regularly frequent the property.

“It will not be just a show – say the organizers – but the demonstration of the Life sometimes can reserve unexpected gifts. Will be the evening of the apparently impossible dreams called unrealistic. An evening in which the labels as “disabled”, “differently abled”, “visually impaired”: words abused by bureaucracy, medicine and literature, will fade”.

For the occasion, models and mannequin exceptional, accompanied on piano by Maestro Luigi Matrone wear dresses haute couture donated by Atelier Brides “Luisa Chirico” with makeup and hairstyles edited by Federica D’Andrea and Giusy Monaco and photos of Carla Buccino.

A special event, with free admission, presented by the associations Theatre Institute Paul Colosimo and Via Nova, with the organization of Maria Russo e Chiara Odierno. All professionals, who have decided to make available their time and talents totally free. For the simple pleasure of giving smiles and new emotions to the boys of Colosimo.