Consiglia Licciardi live in the Cloister of St. Augustine

chiostro di sant'agostino alla zecca

It will be an elegant seventeenth century cloister of St. Augustine to the Mint, located just steps from Corso Umberto I of Naples, to host Friday, February 27, starting at 20:30, the charming and engaging concert (free admission by invitation) artist Consiglia Licciardi.

“A true champion – as it has been defined by the journalist and writer Pietro Gargano – guardian of class Neapolitan musical heritage, faced with old style and often compared to that of Gilda Mignonette, combined with modern sensibilities, with respect and personality”.

One of the most authentic voice Made in Partenope, lover of musical influences, which for the evening, organized by the Cgil Campania, will present the show “Melos”.

Exceptional location, cloister monumental square bordered by sixteen columns (now closed by a skylight in the Art Nouveau style of the late nineteenth century) with access to the Chapter Hall, where the same process took place in 1647 in Masaniello, who saw the condemnation death of the fisherman revolutionary. The complex was built in fork at the end of the thirteenth century by order of Charles I of Anjou and during the first half of the seventeenth century was completely transformed, on commission of the Augustinians, according to the canons of the Neapolitan Baroque.