At the Royal between wines from Campania and Swiss cheeses

Formaggio Emmentaler

Campania wines and Swiss cheeses. An unusual combination for an exclusive evening, which will take shape, Thursday, January 29, from 19 to 22, on the tenth floor of the Hotel Royal Continental Naples, Via Partenope. A succulent rendez-vous with maxi tasting dedicated to foodies and fans, during which you can discover up close a selection of 3 different seasoning Emmentaler AOC and the same number of Le Gruyère AOC. Sweet, aromatic, mature, intense or with the characteristic holes: are the cheeses from Switzerland, a universe of flavors and traditional loved for centuries, thanks to the Città del Gusto Naples, will be able to know even better. In combination, a selection of wines from Campania, awarded three glasses on Italian Wines Guide Gambero Rosso, presented by experts and sommeliers. The halls of the hotel’s Promenade will host a tasting at the same time where the two PDO, in different ages, will be presented both alone and through the finger food made ​​by chefs of the Città del Gusto. Even here, a selection of wines from Campania between Tre Bicchieri 2015 accompany the evening.

To attend the event free, you must book by sending their data to the email before 27 January.