Corto Maltese dancing the “Tango” by Hde

hugo pratt

Pure passion and a lot of sensuality, never fall into the vulgar. It’s called “Tango” and will be inaugurated on February 14, at 18, in the spaces of Hde, via Giuseppe Fiorelli 12 in Naples, the eye-catching displays that will draw beautiful serigraphs signed by Hugo Pratt, cartoonist, writer, essayist and actor, “father” of Corto Maltese.

In 1986 at the Grand Palais in Paris is hosting a major exhibition with works by the artist from Rimini, simultaneously to Vermeer and Rembrandt, after Picasso, Cezanne, Watteau, Reynolds and many other masters. The comic is so officially cleared through customs from being a minor art. For that occasion, the editors of the Griffin published a folder of huge 70X70 serigraphs about a wonderful tango between Corto Maltese and, officially Louis Brooks, known actress of the 20s which had inspired the famous Valentina of Guido Crepax.

Twelve key sequences in Pop ‘s sensual dance, from Valentine’s Day and until February 28, will land in the shadow of Vesuvius. Details of the lips, feet, faces, garters. Never figures. A tango of Corto Maltese and, let’s face it, Valentina (who turns 50 this year) in honor of Valentine’s Day.