Cusano Mutri and the festival dedicated to the queen mushrooms


Three weeks to tell. So quotes the text of a famous Italian song: an ever green singing that matches well as advertising spot at the Festival of Mushrooms that the common Sunni Cusano Mutri celebrates the next three weeks. From Friday, September 26th until October 12th. In those days, iil historical center of the town is alive with events of all kinds: concerts for lovers of music and folk songs, photographic exhibitions and exhibitions with pieces of local craftsman. And again: guided tours of nature and historic trails, with guests led by the hand to learn about the ancient churches in a local village that boasts clear medieval roots.

The narrow streets of the center, the porches of the houses with carved stone doorways and windows as well as the Porta di Mezzo, consists of a simple stone lintel that sits at the top of a staircase and that once separated from that part of the country ‘settlement expansion fifteenth century, are the most vivid testimony. Always of that era are also visible the ruins of the local castle destroyed in the eighteenth century and Palazzo Santagata old convent now used as a town hall. But back to … bomb on the flavors and taste of wild mushrooms! So many food stands that you can find Cusano Mutri: spaces dedicated to the star of the festival and the many dishes that will satisfy your craving for porcine.

There is everything and even more than the typical cusanese dedicated to this food of which there are more than 100,000 species. It starts from ravioli to switch to Fusilloni, or you might converge on a nice plate of succulent noodles or dumplings. And what about the campanilissimo cannelloni? And the second courses? Obviously mushrooms everywhere. With the pork or pork leg or if you want to start with the delicious bacon. Side dishes of all kinds cheer each dish according to the taste of each one as well as the local wine tastings will never so succulent. In short, worth or not worth making a trip to Cusano Mutri?

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