From the set to the buen retiro in Costiera, Martina Difonte in love with Naples: “It’s the most beautiful movie in the world”

La giovanissima show girl e attrice si gode qualche giorno di relax in Penisola sorrentina dopo le riprese del suo primo lungometraggio da protagonista “D’Improvviso”

Martina Difonte

From the Tuscan set to holidays in Sorrento Peninsula. Martina Difonte, young show girl and actress, enjoys a few days of relax after filming her first feature film “D’Improvviso“, directed by Giuliano Pagani. A film straight to the heart. Drug, love and friendship, with Martina playing Carlotta’s role alongside Luca Pitocchi. A young film, written by the 18-year-old Sendy Giamattei, produced by SG, will be screened at major national circuits.

Solar and spontaneous. Pure beauty. Difonte, in love with Naples and the pearls of the Sorrento and Amalfi peninsula, does not hide the enthusiasm of spending a few days here. “Being in Naples – he says – is like entering a dream. Walking in the streets of the old town rich in culture and natural set for countless movies excites me. Light, colors, this is my city”. Then, he adds: “After almost a month of shooting I enjoy a small vacation. Upcoming stages Sorrento and Positano. Stunning location, picturesque landscapes. And then the sea I love. But how beautiful it seems to be in the most beautiful movie in the world “