The Neapolitan dialect becomes Unesco


Naples, very strongly Naples! Here comes another recognition for the city’s siren Partenope. And this time it’s up to its historic language: Neapolitan. Yes, you read that right. A language, not a dialect. To say it is none other than UNESCO, the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture, which, speaking of the Neapolitan, he admits, without any hesitation, that in his own words, “is not a dialect, but rather a language“.

But there’s more. Along with this recognition, in fact, UNESCO officially considered the “Vulgate Neapolitan” as a heritage for all humanity!

Widespread throughout southern Italy, but also spoke in Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, the Neapolitan is second only to the official language (Italian) to spread throughout the country. And then, everybody knows: the Neapolitan has gone beyond the borders of Italy, having been exported all over the world through the classic Neapolitan song, even if it is becoming “vulgar”. Especially among young people, where many terms are hiring ” vulgar connotations” or just due to the original meaning.

A fate fate happened in a little  in all languages. It also happened to English, for example, that the U.S. is experiencing the aggression of Spanish vocabulary. And at the same Italian language, more and more contaminated with dialects and “inglesismi”. And it happens to the Neapolitan language to grips with the evolution of the third millennium. The rest you have done and are still doing non- teaching and his Neapolitan go as deteriorating.

So much so that UNESCO was induced to run for cover recognizing it as a “heritage to be protected not only for Italy but for the whole world”. In short, a valuable asset. To defend and preserve at all costs. Why Naples and its language are one thing. Be jealously guarded in a safe. Woe to let him go, you know ” guaglioni”?