Free visits to museums and archaeological sites of the Earth Felix

Sala del trono Palazzo Reale di Napoli

From 1 July this year a Ministerial Decree provides that every first Sunday of the month there is free access to all those state structures, be they libraries, archaeological excavations or museum spaces normally accessible only for a fee. In short, became a fixture by now, is a must for lovers of art and culture. In Naples, of course, where the historical evidence abound, the choice is very wide and is ready to satisfy your curiosity and desires of each tourist.

You want an example. Well. Follow. If you have delusions “gifts” you can visit the apartment in the historic Palazzo Reale or head up the hill of Vomero where Castel Sant ‘Elmo and the nearby Carthusian Monastery of San Martino are ready to throw open their doors to welcome you. If you like, however, ancient history, that of the first centuries after Christ, then the National Archaeological Museum is just right for you. And for lovers of painting what better opportunity to raptures in the halls of the gallery of the Museum of Capodimonte? Do you think it’s over here? Not at all! It was just a taste. Because the most willing ones, so to speak, who like long trips, can also reach the nearby Pozzuoli or the more distant Capua, you can visit two of Roman amphitheatres: the Flavio and that Campano, while further south, Pompeii and Herculaneum are ready to charm you with their ruins crammed with history. The rest of the offer? We prefer to synthesize it into a link so vast and large is a list of the beauty of the Land of Partenope ready to be admired and visited. And then courage, just a shot of clicks to choose where to go next Sunday. Believe it: you’ll be spoiled for choice !!

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