Two swans white color of the Royal House

cigni reggia di caserta

Since yesterday the Peschiera Grande of the Reggia di Caserta has new guests. Twospecimens of white swan were released in the water at the center of the old wood in the Royal Park enriching the fauna of the royal house.
Waterfowl dubbed by the public who witnessed the operation “Ferdinando andCarolina” (as the predecessors who lived a few years ago in the fishpond), from the province of Salerno and were transferred to Caserta from the State Forestry that has taken them in care.
The Superintendent and the Director of the Regional Biodiversity of the Provincial Command of the Forest of Caserta, assisted by a doctor of veterinary service of the ASL of Caserta, accompanied the entrance to the water of the swans that soon have settled in their new home .
The initiative is part of the project to develop and arrangement of the Park and the English Garden, already affected by restoration of the green with the shaping of treesand hedges along the central axis and the cleaning and restoration of ‘Aperia.
The Superintendent will continue its collaboration with the State Forestry with which the agreement has been reached for the introduction of other aquatic species in the basinsof the Park of the Royal Palace.
Soon then the swans are no longer alone.