In the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral of Naples, Bandita Sbandata and Pergolesi Consort’s live

Bandita Sbandata in concerto

Time of concerts in the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral of Naples, tomorrow Wednesday, December 3, from 18.45, will host the orchestra Bandita Sbandata and Pergolesi Consort. An event organized by the Deputation and the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro, which is one of the initiatives of the International Day of Disability: a unique opportunity to raise awareness about sensitive social issues.

The first of a long series of events that , from next year will be monthly, blending every time art, music and history. The star of the day, the performance of the boys Bandita Sbandata, orchestra founded in May 2012 thanks to Maestro Sergio Sansone, who had the idea of bringing together a group of disabled children to direct the musical practice. Ensemble that , with the contribution of Maestro Mario Buonafede, has gained respect and success by winning the title of “special group for special events”.

Extraordinary example of talent and originality, songs, proposed by these young musicians, often deal with social issues, not just fight against war and racism, but also stories of people, expressed through the lyrics of the songs, claiming respect and dignity.

For the occasion, the precious stage will also see a performance of Pergolesi Consort, a set of recorders formed by the pupils of the school “Pergolesi 1” Arco Felice Pozzuoli.

Free admission