At Eboli four days of Planet Bufala

pianeta bufala 2015

Poker of days devoted to all buffalo milk and those flavors and products can give us, through his work, the skilled hands of chefs, pastry chefs and of course dairy facilities. From Thursday, March 26 to Sunday, March 29, Eboli host Planet Bufala, a structured event was first launched with this aim: to gather expertise, quality products that all revolve around the buffalo, including one on all the buffalo mozzarella DOP.

The four-day food and wine will promote the products of the dairy chain, but also all other traditional products and quality of Campania, and the territory itself, even abroad, with a long annual program that starts from the small town of Salerno, heart the fertile plain of the Sele.

Many actors present we said between chefs and skilled pastry chefs. Among those who will be there Salvatore De Riso, Alfonso Pepe, Fiorella Balzamo, Enzo Crivella, Pina Molitierno, Sabatino Sirica, Francesco Paolo Fiore, Antonino Maresca, Annamaria Bevilacqua.

There are also many areas for visitors. From Baby Lab, a laboratory educational product for younger guests, or the Buffalo Bar, where you can enjoy delicacies confectionery related to buffalo milk. A location will then be allocated to the Food Design Workshop, workshop with fashion productions related to the topic, as well as find the area Pompieropoli, where skilled firefighters will show to all the advanced training techniques in their activities. And for the most faithful friends to humans, dogs, there will be ice cream to 4 feet. Eboli awaits so even accompanied by your friends wagging.

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