All’Elicantropo, “Scannasurice” of Enzo Moscato


“Chi so’? Stong ‘arinto? Stong ‘afora? Nun moro, no… ma neppure campo comm’ apprimme: ‘a vista, ‘e mmane, ‘e rrecchie… tutte cose se n’è ghiute… e pure ‘a voce… ancora ‘nu poco… e poi… sommergerà, affonderà pur’essa”.

Continue, until February 22, to the theater Elicantropo Naples(vico Gerolomini 3), which is presented in national premiere, the staging of  “Scannasurice” playwright Neapolitan Enzo Moscato, taking the leading role Imma Villa directed by Carlo Cerciello. A sort of descent into “hell”, after the earthquake, a character’s identity androgynous Going underground Naples, where he lives, in a hovel, among the most arcane of the Neapolitan, in the company of mice, the metaphor of the Neapolitans themselves and the ghosts of urban legends Neapolitan. From Beautiful ‘mbriana to Munaciello, including garbage and objects symbol of her condition, in search of an identity lost in the rubble of history and its daily earthquake. A deep theatrical poetry of Moscato, which sees the delusions and the fury of the protagonist, a recluse in his slaughter to dialogue with the past beings “living”. The scene, bears the signature of Roberto Crea, the sound of Hubert Westkemper and original music by Paolo Coletta. The costumes by Daniela Ciancio and lighting design by Cesare Accetta.