Epiphany in Naples: double party in Piazza del Plebiscito with the Municipality and the Fire Brigade

Una befana per grandi e piccini. Appuntamento dalle 10 alle 13 per una mattinata all'insegna dei giochi, della musica e dei laboratori allietata dalla fanfara dei pompieri

Napoli, piazza Plebiscito

A Epiphany for young and old. Appointment in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples on 6 January from 10 am to 1 pm for a morning of games, music and workshops enlivened by the civic fanfare of the Fire Brigade with the notes of the band. Mayor Luigi de Magistris will also be present. For the occasion, the Department of Education and Welfare in collaboration with the provincial command of Naples of the Fire Brigade, with the city playhouse and the social cooperative Project Man of the project “A city to play“, will welcome the girls and children with the staging of Pompieropoli, with areas dedicated to street games, barter and educational-recreational workshops.

Also this year the award-winning pizza chef Vincenzo Varlese will churn out 200 pizzas to offer to the little ones, who will also receive from the National Association decorated Firefighters fairy tales books offered by Euronics Gruppo Tufano. Of course, the Befana is not lacking, as always, from the top of the Piazza throwing candy for all children, a rhythm of tarantelle and pizzica Salento with the percussionists of Bandita Sbandata of maestro Peppe Sannino and tambourellists of Otranto accompanied by maestro Massimo Panarese. “A party not to be missed that will excite young and old and tourists in the city, like, appreciate the renewal of the traditions of our land” said councilors Annamaria Palmieri and Roberta Gaeta.