At Cerriglio, the “Last night in Naples” of Caravaggio

dettaglio Sette Opere di Misericordia di Caravaggio

It’s without doubt one of the most beautiful and intriguing summer event made in Partenope “Caravaggio – The last night in Naples”, a reenactment and play in the open air, which will allow tourists and residents of remote relive 400 years what It occurred on July 15th of 1610.

The free event is an absolute must for Wednesday, July 15, at 21, in Naples, just in the way Cerriglio, a stone’s throw from the square Sedile of Porto and Piazza Borsa, near the ancient inn scene of an ambush the famous Milanese artist.

For the occasion, thanks to head of Culture and Tourism of the City of Naples, Events 2000, the Theatre of the Events and Classical Ballet Campano, will take shape “Spider Web in light and shadow” with Maurizio Merolla, Liliana Palermo, Ciro Grano, Antony Delle Donne, Fedele Canonico, Susanna Mendoza, Jahela Pinto and Luigi Farinelli with music by Andrea Sensale and Giancarlo Sanduzzi and directed by Maurizio Merolla.

A never before occurred, based on the project “Millarcum” trilogy by Ilio Stellato and the same Merolla, among the highlights of the festival “Estate a Napoli 2015”.

An unusual night, during which the plot will be finally revealed and a ray of light will illuminate the last night of Neapolitan Michelangelo Merisi by Caravaggio, genius sought, awkward, painter of twisted humanity and sublime sweetness, bringing to light his tormented me while some plot to bury it in the darkness.