Discovering Naples with Antonio La Trippa&co

Fratelli Capone

If you love Naples and know perfectly all the films and characters played by the legendary Totò, you cannot miss the original free event, conceived by Roberta D’Agostino and promoted by “At the center of the arts” and “Infinity” scheduled for Sunday, January 3, starting at 11, in the heart of Partenope.

An unusual itinerary artistic theatrical, written and directed by Corrado Ardone, entitled “Walking through art, artists and authors”, which will see exceptional guides “personality” of the caliber of Antonio La Trippa, Antonio Barbacane and unforgettable brothers Capone, ready to reel off stories, anecdotes and explain – in their own way – the beauty of the historic center of Naples. Piazza del Gesù, the starting point of the journey, with its church and the obelisk, Piazza San Domenico Maggiore and the church of Santa Maria of the Souls of Purgatory at Arco.

For the occasion, a talkative boatman accompany tourists and residents on this trip based on the comedy of the characters played by Giosiano Felaco, Ettore Massa, Ciro Pellegrino, Massimo Peluso and Mattia Tammaro, narrating myths and legends related to the most evocative monuments of the area.

An unusual and fun excuse to emphasize and highlight the immensity of the artistic heritage of the city of Naples, the cradle of art in all its expressions.

Participation in the show, which is part of the program “Christmas in Naples” of the Culture and Tourism of the Municipality, is free, but reservation is required to mail: