It arrives also in Naples the “Festival of the East”

Festival dell'Oriente

A location of 30,000 square meters, 400 between folk performances and traditional ceremonies, 5 stages, 350 stand where buy, wander around and get lost among the products, colors and enchanting perfumes, 130 conferences and workshops free, 20 ethnic restaurants, 10 cultural areas and 4 interactive. They are only the first numbers of the “Festival of the East” which, after the acclaim obtained in Rome, Milan and Turin, with over 500,000 spectators, soon will arrive in Naples. To the Overseas Exhibition of Fuorigrotta, to be precise, which will host the event the 11,12,13 and 18,19 and 20 September, from 11 am to midnight and a half. A unique event, which will among other things, an entire hall dedicated to the health and well-being from East to West, and during which it will be possible to revive traditional festivals such as the Holy festival, the ceremony of the lanterns, the Battle of the kites, and, still, wild and colorful dance Bollywood style, the poetry of traditional Burmese dance, the magic of the japanese war drums, meet directly from the region of Henan, overtime Monks of Shaolin Temple. For a fascinating full immersion to the discovery of the ancient and modern East.

Among the countries that you can “taste” in restaurants prepared specifically for the Festival: Tibet, India, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bali and the call there will be exhibitions, bazaars, traditional ceremonies and concerts, which will alternate in a number of areas themes dedicated to different countries in a continuous and compelling series of shows, meetings, seminars and exhibitions.

During the event it will also be able to interact and experience for free dozens of disciplines, natural therapies and traditional remedies, yoga, ayurveda, through Bach flowers, theta healing, meditation, reiki, tai chi chuan, shiatsu, tuina, bio music and rebirthing.