Enzo Crivella wins the “Golden Artichoke 2015”


And the winner is…. Enzo Crivella. To win, last weekend, the “Artichoke Gold 2015” was in fact the master ice cream maker of Sapri author, for the occasion, of a tasty ice cream with ricotta goat variegated white artichoke.

The choir was unanimous approval and joined the thousands of people who came to Auletta, in the province of Salerno, for “White Tanagro – the festival of white artichoke”: an event studded with tantalizing food stalls, music, show cooking and the lounge culinary “Tabernae talking”.

Undisputed star of the event, the white artichoke characterized by particular sweetness, without spines, hairs and tannins, as well as a marked softness, able to marry perfectly with both traditional cuisine with that of author.

To open the dances, during the Festival, the star chef Peppe Stanzione who has revived filling, suggesting the memory of the organoleptic roasted artichoke, and the chef Angelo Borghese who, on his plate, he is amused to even turn it into a sponge. The young and talented pizzaiolo Angelo Rumolo – Champion Trophy Caputo – has shaped, instead, a white pizza on which the raw artichoke was added after cooking with soft lard to make the glue.

Great interest to the contest “Kitchen Identity” dedicated to hotel schools. To take home the victory, Giuseppe Brancato of IPSEOA “Sacco” of Sant’Arsenio (Salerno) with a millefeuille of turbot, artichokes and white buffalo mozzarella.

Leitmotif of aulettesi mornings, the chef Helga Liberto and Vito De Vita, who animated the workshops aimed at children and their families.