Libero accesso per una giornata dedicata a conoscere i luoghi storici della memoria ed il patrimonio culturale custodito. Ecco i siti a Napoli e in Campania da poter visitare


Each year, an appointment that is renewed to discover books, documents, photographs, prints, drawings. Also this year many initiatives that welcome children and adults animated by a spirit of research and curiosity. In short, this one Sunday 11 October, in the company of books and papers, correspondence and manuscripts, images and literary refinement because if the culture is open, the places reserved to them open their arms to tourists, curious children and adults, that go to discover the richness of a heritage so precious and so out of proportion. Objective is to promote besides the already considered museums, populated with statues and paintings, and archaeological finds of precious, even those we can define the museums or monuments of paper, An opportunity that will also reserve a double surprise because venues that generally guard this great heritage, historical residences and are of great historical interest in 2015.

The complete list of cultural sites including the Archives involved found on site, instead of following, we report libraries bells members.

National Library of Naples

Visits from 11 am to 17: a trip with the history of food in the monumental rooms of the Royal Palace in the footsteps of ancient codes, treatises on cooking, precious recipe. For the most passionate bibliophiles showcasing rare images from the Dioscorides, Trai first herbaria antiquity, sixth century AD, or the prized Treaty Kitchen in Portuguese belonged to Mary of Portugal, wife of Alessandro Farnese, woman fine culture and lover of the book. He could not miss the famous list of foods prepared by the chef of Villa Ferrigni of Torre del Greek for Giacomo Leopardi, composed of 49 dishes, including tasty treats that take us back to the events of the last years of the poet, whose library Neapolitan preserves Most of the autographs.

Public State Library annexed to the National Monument of Montevergine (Avellino)

Visits from 9.00 alle13.00 with inauguration of the photo exhibition and documentary entitled “The Monaco soldier” in which will be exhibited photos and written about the presence of the Benedictine monks of Montevergine on the battlefields of the First World War.

State Library Oratoriana Girolamini – Naples

Special opening hours 10:00 to 14:00

The Library of Girolamini opens its historic rooms still under reorganization and plans to open to the public, hours 10.00- 14.00 in groups of up to 25 people accompanied by staff. Since the Library still in custody, will be able to visit only a few spaces – room G, the fireplace room, room C, dining Vico, with an exhibition of memorabilia of the Library.

University Library of Naples

Using the centenary of the entry of Italy in the Great War, the University Library of Naples has set up for the project national Sunday paper (hours 9:00 to 13:00), the exhibition “We and the Great War” with the purpose of documenting events of that war that involved marginally Naples and the rest of the Campania region, and this mainly through newspaper illustration, photographs, and other illustrative material.