“I’m tired” at the Archaeological Museum of Naples

Mauro Maurizio Palumbo al Mann

Not only statues and rare finds priceless. The next weekend, there will be an unusual “show” to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Saturday 23 and Sunday, January 24, at noon, in the beautiful Hall of the Farnese Hercules MANN, will in fact form the performance “I am tired”, edited by Marco De Gemmis, starring the virtuos artist Maurizio Mauro Palumbo with the participation of Salvatore Camerlingo.

The arrival of tourists, residents or visitors, Palumbo is probably there in the room for some time, almost motionless on the floor, lying at the foot of the Farnese Hercules. No visible reaction will the audience get in and out, approaching Hercules, read the caption. Beside him, in addition to the small sign that says “I’m tired”, a few items: a few necessary for survival (water, bread, cigarettes, a blanket, a small radio that crackles); other related activities that seem to have moved away. Visitors to the Museum will also keep him, and three chairs will be deployed to accommodate those who want to stop and look. A panel with different images, including that of Hercules, will announce three replicate his performance here at the museum and then elsewhere. The public, through the images printed on the panel, will possess more data to get an idea of ​​what he is seeing.

Some of these inevitably will photograph. Luisa Terminiello will have taken at some point all through snapshots four, as in the following two stages of performance. One of these will take place on the panel, the remaining notes will be visual.

The event, organized in collaboration with MA Art Movement and CAMUSAC Cassino Museum of Contemporary Art, is free for owners of the entrance fee to the museum.