“5 glasses of wine” to Pan, between theater and tastings

bicchiere di vino

Evenings are all to be enjoyed, those scheduled from Thursday 7 to Sunday, January 10 at the Pan – the Palace of Arts in Naples in Via dei Mille 60, thanks to “5 glasses of wine”, original theater show signed by Teatro dell’Osso, written and directed by Mirko Di Martino, combining the brilliant theater to wine tasting.

For the occasion, the public will take part in a traveling exhibition that will visit 5 different environments, each of which will witness a monologue, will taste a glass of wine and finger food will taste.

Along the way, viewers will have the opportunity to meet fascinating characters and funny, tender and fragile, struggling with everyday situations in which the wine takes pride.

To guide them in the tasting, a surly sommelier, able to sense the wine tastes and smells more incredible: the glue of Panini stickers nails wrapped in newspaper on the counter of the hardware.

On stage, Orazio Cerino, Titti Nuzzolese, Nello Provenzano, Marianita Carfora, Laura Pagliara, Raffaele Parisi and Diego Sommaripa.

In the first monologue, “Sabres and bubbles”, a former saber champagne, locked up in a mental hospital because convinced that Napoleon, tells the story of his meteoric falling in love for a woman and the attempts to conquer it, until the final failure which led to the madness.

In “Combinations”, a young woman sitting at a table in a restaurant tells her difficulties in choosing the wine and anxieties resulting from it, this is the first date with the man she loves.

Anxieties related to wine for “Peter 5.8”, but this time experienced by a sommelier who has lost the ability to recognize the quality of the wines and turned to a psychiatrist to solve the problem. “The second marriage of Cana”, was done during a bride who, after seeing shatter her marriage because of a sudden storm and an unbearable mother-in-law, recovers a bit ‘of serenity thanks to the taste of a wine that had forgotten.

The wines are available for tasting by the Irpinia “Colli Frigentini” and tasting path will begin with a prosecco and will end with a sweet wine.

Performances are planned at 20.30, 21, 21.30 and 22.

The ticket, max 25 viewers at a time, is 12 euro.

Info. 329 1850120