Yes, there will be the film to the Parco of Poggio

parco del poggio napoli

Will Hart Ltd. to organize the exhibition at Parco of Poggio in Colli Aminei and no longer the cultural association Movie Tour for the project agreements@disaccordi. But the important thing is that the summer festival of cinema and entertainment will be, and will be an integral part of the program Summer in Naples.

So from August 7 to September 7 there will be a large billboard available to those wanting to spend an evening outdoors while enjoying art films and entertainment.

Several news this year. On some evenings, before the screening of the film, they will be screened video clips of Neapolitan artists emerging, as before each film, there will be a fun drink-cine. In addition, on certain dates there will be a double feature; the first for the kids entertainment and the second pure arthouse cinema. But it could also happen to attend a “duel” between the two films, in short, a comparison-clash of themes, scenes, and more for all fans lovers of white sheet.

The cost of the ticket will be EUR 4.50, compared to 5 last year. It ‘was announced also a partial list of titles in the program. We see with what are already among them choose the one or ones you definitely do not want to miss.

The invisible boy, Pride, Young fabulous, Birdman, Perez My mother, Youth, The story of stories, We and Giulia, family Belier, Salt of the Earth, the new friend, Song and napule, Anime Black, not married my daughters, Selma, Take five, accepted miracles, Metropolis, Momy, Imitation Game, American Sniper, No one is saved alone, Fury, God willing, Albert.