At Maschio Angioino, the last night of Caravaggio


Closing in big style for the dense exhibition “Estate a Napoli 2015”, sponsored by the Cultural Department of the City, that Tuesday, September 29 at 21 will see the spotlight “Ragnatela a luci e ombre”, an evocative historical pageant last night spent Naples by Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio.

An event with free admission, will take shape in the courtyard of Maschio Angioino, where spectators will find themselves immersed in an atmosphere of times gone by, the raucous and common people of Naples in the ‘600. The setting, in fact, will be one of the Cerriglio inn frequented by the great painter: a symbol of his Neapolitan period, known and haunted over the centuries by other artists, travelers and tattered characters that have taken steps to enrich the imagination and the collective imagination of the curious and colorful figures and stereotypes of the people of Naples.

To arouse the emotions and tensions of the moment, Tuesday night they will think Teatro degli Eventi, Eventi 2000 and Balletto Classico Campano under the artistic direction and the direction of Maurizio Merolla, which will also be one of the actors on stage. With him, Liliana Palermo, Ciro Grano, Antony Delle Donne, Fedele Canonico, Susanna Mendoza, Jahela Pinto, Luigi Farinelli, Giancarlo Sanduzzi and Andrea Sensale.

An original show, set ad hoc to “Project Millarcum – The Trilogy” of Ilio Stellato and the same Merolla, which will transport the audience to a world of strong evocative, giving an uncomfortable truth about the mysterious and hidden end of man and the genius of Caravaggio.