“Through the light” with Naty Gillo

“Attraverso la luce”

According to the director and producer Aaron Rose: “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary”. I thought, most likely shared by Naty Gillo century Piatrová Natallia Dmitrievna Gillo that opens today, Thursday, May 21, at 19, at the Grand Hotel Capodimonte in Naples, her exhibition “Through the light”. One of paintings, in which the artist tells Belarus, through a fascinating visual journey, the artistic maturation occurred right “through the light”, that in her work becomes revealing strength and creative energy.

Works characterized by fantastic atmosphere, where the places and the elements of nature are united by a common light force, characterized by bright colors, vivid, where each physical boundary is deleted. Tele living imagination, dreams, show places evocative and dream scenes, as well as rich colors, warm lights and reflections, the expanse of matter and strokes create infinite spaces and timeless.

Light, becoming care and technological element, if applied to medicine. Thus art also inspired the research. On May 29, in the hotel on Via Capodimonte 3, the energy and the most innovative technologies will, in fact, the theme of a major conference entitled “Energy in Surgery” conceived and curated by Professor Domenico Parmeggiani, researcher of General Surgery Second University of Naples. Workshop that will be the corollary to the worldwide week of the thyroid, where Parmeggiani will present his study, the result of twenty years of experience in the treatment of surgical diseases of the thyroid.