All sent to the Ball Court in !! Visit with a show at the Royal Palace

ballo a corte febbraio palazzo reale napoli

You are all invited to the Court for a grand ball !! And ‘here that young and old, dressed in clothes carnival or less, will have just arrived in front of the King Ferdinand took to devour his beloved and favorite babà with rum, cream and strawberries believe, but also ready to run away to an attractive hunting in the woods not to participate in the court dance. The king, in fact, loves much more go to the woods and countryside that large and lavish parties at Palazzo but, despite the hustle and precious sweet finish, the sovereign will entertain guests to welcome you, and invite you to continue the visit in his luxurious residence. And what else will happen to those who have the good fortune to be there?

In the vast rooms of the town, while you will be all intent observation of spectacular furnishings, you will also meet the Queen Maria Carolina, still caught in her toilet to be the most beautiful of the beautiful for the big event of the court. At the same time, however, he will not shirk his duties as a hostess and for the success of the evening, will meet with the audience for a real dance class. But King Ferdinand that end will in fact while? Maria Carolina, clever queen and consort, will succeed in thwarting his attempt to leave the palace and convinced him of the importance of etiquette, to ‘force’, democratically speaking, to participate in the dance in the magnificent hall, together with the and distinguished guests present.

All this at the Royal Palace, Piazza Plebiscito 1, Naples. You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for an easy and convenient option to sit on the ground. The site has no wardrobe and luggage storage.

Ages 3 years and up, you can participate in mask. Four days of the event during the carnival: Saturday 6, Sunday 7 Monday 8, Tuesday 9 February at 15.30

Reservation and pre purchase required € 8 – presale on

To this you must add the entry price to the museum (fee for adults) to buy the ticket on the day of activities.

Information and reservations for all other days, for groups and / or school contacts are email to or fixed address 081.2395653