Confetti Maxtris, opened in Naples the first showroom

Confetto Maxtris

It opens in Naples Scent of Sugar Plum, the first showroom exclusively of confetti. It opens in the shopping area luxury of the former capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the chic Via Calabritto. It opens with the signature of one of the best known brands of Italian confectionery, Maxtris; a brand that has history, passion and flavors all made in Naples. It opens with an interesting new line of high quality products that pay homage to the historical, artistic and landscape of Naples and Campania: the confetti range Line Art tip it on places like the Faraglioni of Capri or the Museum of Capodimonte, just to a few.

Thursday, April 14 was born as the first Maxtris Store: a concept that offers an experience to thousands of colors and thousands of suggestions, thanks to the variety and excellence of confectionery products and showroom design.

The ribbon cutting of Maxtris Store takes 18 to the presence of Mayor Luigi De Magistris, the wedding planner Enzo Miccio, familiar face of Real Time and testimonial of Maxtris products and, of course, of Dario and Nicola Prisco brothers, directors and the company’s engines owner of the mark, the Italian Confetti.

The Store Maxtris comes as a laboratory of taste, visual and olfactory quality. Smells and colors create a path made of flavors, including glass ampoules of confetti overflowing, drawers stuffed with delicacies and colorful walls. And who wants to, can enjoy choosing her favorite sweets among the more than 40 flavors of assortment Maxtris.

The love for art confectionary and continuous creative research and innovation that characterize the philosophy of Prisco family, transpire evident in the concept store Maxtris. For over a century the Italian Confetti manages to combine tradition and innovation in fact proposing quality confetti, made with ancient craftsmanship and the most modern production technologies. These are the secrets that, under the guidance of Dario and Nicola Prisco, allowed the Italian Confetti to establish itself as one of the major Italian operators.

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