In Naples the “Circo de los Horrores” Cabaret most cursed of all time

Circo de los Horrores
Circo de los Horrores

After the success of last year, the Circo de los Horrores chose Naples as only Italian and European Union to present to the public the Cabaret Cursed, suggestive show who dug the box office in Spain with the first in Madrid. Performing will be talented acrobats, dancers and other artists like Mom Loba, the woman with three breasts, Nebula, the dark angel guardian of lost souls, as well as the Bitches of Hell, the Gigolo Averno and many other characters, which with their “gruesome” numbers will leave viewers breathless. The show will be set in an ‘old Gothic cathedral, home of Lucifer, and will feature not only the skilled circus the audience, actively involved in the “frightening” celebration of terror and lust.

A truly unique event, created by the perfect fusion of avant-garde theater and contemporary circus accompanied by witty humor, need to calm things down when maximum horror. So go ahead, you are ready to experience an evening really “spooky”? If you do not hesitate to buy tickets at the box office or online. By the way, remember that the show is prohibited to children under 18 years!

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