With the “Car Boot Market” the trunk of the car becomes showcase of vintage.

“Car Boot Market”
“Car Boot Market”

Oh yes, you read just fine !! If you want to dispose of all the junk that no longer serve you the “Car boot Marcket” it is the right opportunity to do so. The bizarre initiative in England is a reality already well established in Naples, it took shape thanks to the efforts of MercatinoNapoletano.it in collaboration with the Association “Let Life Solidarity”. The location is the store “Portobello Road” of Pianura, in street Eleonora Duse 50, which has provided a space of 2000 square meters. It is a simple and ecological market, private, an opportunity for the exchange of objects, as well as ideas, which aims to redevelop a used exposing it in the trunk of the car and giving it new life by proposing the sale.

There, you will have the chance to do some real business without having to spend a ‘fortune. But be careful! L ‘only rule to follow is expected that you can not sell precious and groceries. Admission is free to the public, while for sellers there is a small fee of 5 euro a day for each sunday in november or 10 euro, always a day, every saturday and sunday in december. So, what are you waiting to empty the basement or the attic or fill your home of “new” objects ??

The social event page to link www.facebook.com/events/1047267385294595/