Haute cuisine with the chef Vanacore foodstore in GranGusto


Friday, October 30 at the large food store Neapolitan Great Taste traveling in the flavors of the cuisines of the boot. In fact, from 20.30 the chef Gianni Vanacore, will bring its guests to explore the region of Chianina and Chianti with the event titled “Tuscany on the table.” But let’s see what will offer the menu of products and regional dishes of the valleys. A gastronomic journey that will go from delicious tomato soup to the famous nooks with Vin Santo, thus exploring the tastes best in the region. All it accompanied by the great wines of Agricola San Felice, a unique for the importance it gives to the values ​​of winemaking tradition. If you are curious and love the good tastes then it is the night for you.

For information on the menu and cost, here is the link of the facebook event page: www.facebook.com/events/417316061800133/