Naples. It reopens to the public the Museum of Human Anatomy


Next Monday, March 14, there will be the inauguration of the opening to the public. At 10, the appointment is in the Hall of the Second University Antonelli, in the Santa Patrizia Complex Via Luciano Armanni 5.

After several years, about thirty, will now be accessible for all two days a week. In its rooms so not only luminaries of medicine and body, but also simple guests of all levels. The initiative launched by the University Museum of Sciences and Arts (Musa) and the rector of the Sun Giuseppe Paolisso.

The Museum of Human Anatomy, from information provided by Wikipedia, was founded in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, mainly for educational purposes, and thanks to a series of collections that were placed by the statement of the theories evolutionist Charles Darwin.

In the museum there is a section on normal anatomy, as another dedicated pathological anatomy, the branch of science that studies the anatomical malformations due to changes caused by disease; Here they are preserved fetuses, Cyclopean heads and numerous finds of monstrosities in formalin or alcohol. It is one of the most important anatomy museums in the world and even contains a humerus prepared by the great Flemish anatomist Andreas Vesalius in the sixteenth century.

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