Bookseller Berisio in the heart of Naples is dancing between the books

libreria berisio

A particular event and definitely not to be missed will kick off on the evening of Saturday, October 24 in the heart of the historic center of Naples. The historic library Berisio Port’Alba to be transformed for one night into a dance floor. All guests will be given the opportunity to combine the fun of dancing to the charm of the historical volumes that have always characterized the library near Piazza Dante, for some time also attended wine bar. Start at 21.30 for the one night dance, where the school will be performing on stage Cotton Swing, thanks to which all present can try to try dancing performance of the thirties. Afterwards, at 22:30, an overwhelming selection of musical duo The Brilliants that make you travel back in time with all songs fifties and sixties. Rock’n’roll and boogie rhythm for dancers and bridesmaids in the historic street booksellers.

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