“Fire on me” in the theater of the Court of the Royal Palace

gioacchino murat

Is a Murat very unusual one “hosted” in recent weeks in the Royal Palace of Naples. He is the king lover of gentle living, which leads to the land of the Partenope Monzù, French chefs that give gattò and babà and not less new and immortal (so to speak) of the Napoleonic codes, which also leaves us. He is the man of a revolution that tries to impose a sovereign with the reforms of State arrears, but that may have more luck when it takes the form of fashion for sea bathing on the beach opened Granatello by his wife Carolina. And is the hero of “Fire on me”, a film written and directed by Lamberto Lambertini, who dies in the name of his ideals – the Revolution, Italy combined – but, that in front of the firing squad, will grants last gesture of very private vanity: “Behold the chest – order – save face.” Film, the latter, which will be projected in the Court Theatre in the Royal Palace, Friday, Jan. 29, at 17, followed by a meeting with the director.

The film, which starred Omar Sharif, Massimiliano Varrese, Sonali Kulkarni, Nicola Di Pinto and Antonella Stefanucci, is set in Naples in 1815, the last months of the reign of Gioacchino Murat and recounts the triumphs and the tragic end of that king He knew how to nurture, if it means to go against Napoleon, the dream, perhaps premature, of an Italy united and independent.

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