Bookmob the special social event to give and receive a book

bookmob napoli

For lovers of reading and writing it is definitely an event not to be missed. Do you want to give a book that you did not like or one that, on the contrary, I loved it and I’m glad to read it to many other people? Well then this is the fash mobs for you. Who knows what will and what will be the fate in store so the book or books, they bring you also more than one, that you happen to receive and then having to read, whatever it is / are. So let’s see how the event will be also according to reports in the social page of the rally in the Piazza Dante in Naples, just below the statue of the learned Florentine poet who gave a new style to the vulgar.

How to participate in BookMob:

– Take a book and wrap it
– Introduce yourself to the meeting place at the specified time
– The “way”, exchange your / the package / s with that / s another chance
– Greet and go away happy
– Find that libr / s is / are in / in the package / s you have / have received.

For further information click on the link provided below that corresponds to the page social event