World Day of fight with pillows. In Naples Piazza Bellini

pillow fight lotta cuscini

Are you ready for the fight? This time the fight with pillows will not only serve to be of much laughter but also to awaken the civic sense of belonging and to Piazza Bellini of all participants and the general public whole. And in this context of pure and simple fun it is also part and two presentations of start up, those of friends and #siamobellini #ecowheels.

Thus we see the evening’s program and how these new initiatives fit within this.

L ‘International pillow fight in Naples, the pillow fight, best event of the neapolitan night, will have a few rules. Just call as many friends and acquaintances, do not wear glasses or valuables, and bring your own pillow from home. Fight fair is the ultimate imperative. At this link, the social event page:

We will then also Erasmusland Naples as a promoter of the Pillow Fight, will present his project to the management and improvement of urban spaces by citizens. During the evening in this regard, they will be distributed questionnaires so that all can freely express their idea for the improvement of the square. At this link their web page: .

L`associazione Redemption Urbano, other presence of the evening, will be pleased to let everyone know about his start-up Yes, I love Bellini. Everyone knows that one of the problems that mostly afflicts the square are the glass bottles left everywhere by the local users born of years in the area. April 2, it will spur everyone to make a difference, not leaving the ground any bottle of beer or soda can. As? Bringing it to its “boys, I love bellini”. In return, who will do it, will have some change that will allow him to have the discounts that can be used during the same evening, at affiliated activities. At this link the association’s web page .

And finally also Eco Wheels will be the protagonist of one night with the presentation of its carbon neutral scooter, example of perfect mix between respect for l`ambiente and technology. You will also be sent to leap into the saddle to participate in photocontest, the photo with the most likes will win on social one smartbox. . At this link the page

Official event speakers: Mario Coppola Mario C Voice

The evening will be animated by the speaker and DJ sets kindly made available by Peppe is simple c ‘n’amic – Epoch Coffee, always alert and active for all social promotion events in the city.

The social event page is to link