World Day of Parents to the City of Science


The theme promoted knows Kid Pass day “Let’s find out the city: food and culture, places and events, light and color, past and future,” is consistent with the activities taking place at the City of Science and then will guide visitors to the structure foot of the hill of Posillipo with enthusiasm in the shows and workshops. Let’s see what.


For the World Day of Parents will temattizzato path Living the Sea enhancing all aspects of parenting human reflected in the sea and among the fish; in the kitchen of Gnam Mare it will emphasize the cultural aspect of the natural food, both in the traditional Mediterranean fish, essential in a healthy food education, which in new discoveries such as Spirulina.

The scientific laboratories creative

It will guide the visitor to rediscover the traditions of the City of Naples, with workshops, open to parents and children, with its pottery, and cone virtual tour of the historical sights and magical as Castel dell’Ovo or recounting the legend of Virgil.

And the City of Science, in line with its own traditions, will present games and scientific experiments on light and color, both in the laboratories of the small workshop in the lab Memory of Light within the photo exhibition Focus.

With paths and Formicopoli Insettopoli you discover aspects and curiosity about microworld of insects and in the outdoor areas of the Laboratory Nature in the garden, the olfactory labyrinth, the pond and greenhouse, the families present can play nature observation, scientific, and creativity and laboratory build your herbarium.

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