At the Institut français, the melodies of the choir Franco-Italian

concerto coro italo francese

From the catchy “Boum” by Charles Trenet singing at traditional “Les Anges dans nos campagnes” through “Bache bene venies” taken from Carmina Burana. It promises to be varied and engaging the first choir concert Franco-Italian, under the guidance of Roberto Franco, scheduled for Friday, January 22, starting at 20, in the cozy spaces of the Institut français of Naples Via Crispi 86. With very few evidence and with great effort and dedication on the part of the singers, the show aims to fuse different musical styles and different historical periods, with a small tribute also to the Christmas tradition across the Alps. The choir, which meets weekly, also lends a careful attention to the voice, practice is essential for the success of the choral path. For the concert, the training involves the participation of professional musicians who will emphasize an evening designed as visible moment of integration between two cultures sisters, French and Italian, through the music and choral tradition. Led by Master director and conductor Roberto Franco, you will hear, among other things, “Les Valseuses” of Stéphane Grappelli at the piano and violin, “Il est né, the divine enfant”, a traditional French Christmas carol melody derived from a seventeenth century, “La Foule” by Angel Cabral and Michel Rivgauche and “La valse a mille temps” by Jacques Brel, and concluded with “Amani utupe” gospel in Swahili and English music of Patsy Ford Simms.