At Madre, lessons about the Art of Giving birth

Mamma in attesa

But who said that the prenatal classes are held only in the gym? Certainly not the gynecologist and collector Antonio Martino and the art psychologist Miriam Mirolla, authors of the project “Giving birth with Art or The Art of Giving birth” that, from May 11 to June 22, will arrive at the Madre Museum of Naples.

A course of prelude to childbirth innovative, pioneering, interdisciplinary and free, in six weekly meetings, aimed at expectant mothers, partners and anyone who wanted to explore the theme of the beauty of birth.

Invite pregnant women in a contemporary art museum rather than in hospital is an act as simple as revolutionary, because it presupposes the idea that motherhood is one of the most extraordinary creative events and an opportunity to make an evolutionary leap into the future. Passing from the hospital to the museum, every woman will remain at the heart of lively and stimulating relationship based on the pleasure of art and greater self-knowledge, you will receive the latest medical information and see what’s new in contemporary culture directly from the living voice of its protagonists.

Start, Monday, May 11 at 18, in the Hall of Columns, with “Psyche, the Annunciation and the self-perception. First trimester of pregnancy”.

Appointments attended by artists and scientists of international renown able to shed light on a powerful root women in science, art and social history of Naples, to be valued more and more, even in relation to the tradition and history of its important School of Obstetrics.

At the conclusion of the series of meetings, the Madre will announce our membership in the “Born with the culture” aimed at future unborn children and their parents, which involves the release, at birth, a “cultural passport”, which will allow newborns and their families free admission to the museum.