The Botanical Garden of Naples host the fourth edition of Planta garden and beyond

Planta 2016 orto botanico napoli

Music, workshops, laboratories, handicraft exhibition. In short, a lot of stuff. Back from Friday 7 to Sunday, May 8, the Botanical Garden of Naples, Via Foria 223, “Planta, the garden and beyond”, market of wild and cultivated plants, exotic plants and botanical rarities, now in its fourth edition . Dense, this year, the three-day program with free admission. cutting the ribbon, Friday, May 7, at 11 am, followed at 12:30 by G. Blasio concert. In the afternoon, provided, inter alia, a gardening laboratory, and another piano concerto. But it’s Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 that the space dedicated to children will last from 10 to 19 with the program in their Bimbi dedicated Planta !! For them, there will run an open playground and at the same time special events such as the Laboratory of Gardening at 11.30, or 12 With the plants, game, know and learn. So much and so much more for the enfants aged 3 to 10 years you will know by consulting the full program by clicking the link

But sometimes we will also for the adults present. In addition to the stands provided of handicraft products (such as coffee, hides, and canned food) High quality, concerts, workshops on horticulture grafts, oil tastings as well as a course on knowledge of the world of legumes, will be of great interest for all guests of the festival.

The full program of the event is the link: