Gioacchino Murat Palazzo Reale

gioacchino murat re di napoli

On October 13, it marks the bicentenary of the death. Joachim Murat, King of Naples died in Pizzo Calabro October 13, 1815. As the son of a hotelier ruling. A life between military order and then politics. In Naples he arrived having married the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, who appointed him king after he was delivered from the throne to the Bourbons in 1808. For the city and its possessions was a great innovator and with much effort managed to revive the economic fortunes of the United Financial Neapolitan. And this would also give France allying with the Austrians in 1814. The exhibition, since its opening before the summer, has had great success, proving in fact, great appreciation of public surpassing the 60,000 visitors.

For history lovers and the curious is a real treat. There are so many items on display, all of the life of Murat belonging from the first period of its rise during the Napoleonic wars, until eventually became Marshal of France and finally the King of Naples. Uniforms, drawings, paintings, beautiful parade weapons, the collar of the Annunziata, letters and documentation of public and private events of Murat and his family show various facets of the kingdom and the personality of the King by the beautiful figure. Architectural drawings, diplomas of nobility, edicts that document the depth of change imposed by Gioacchino, beloved by his people, and who led Italy south towards modernity.

Royal Palace of Naples
Monday-Sunday 9-19.00; closed on Wednesdays
The exhibition is free with museum ticket (4euro, free up to 18 years)

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